Purpose in Life

Orrin Woodward said it best in his most recent book Resolved, “No one can choose the day he was born, but everyone can choose responsibility for discovering why he was born.”

Since being introduced to the Team just a handful of years ago, I and later we began our leadership journey by mistake, or so we thought.  I was internally seeking different information and purpose in my life, but didn’t want to admit to myself or anyone else that I wasn’t fulfilled doing what I was doing. I had no answers for what else I could possibly be here for.  I knew I wanted to change the world and felt a deep sense that I was called to serve children.  

The information I began to listen to and read started to reawaken this call.  Audio recordings like Conflict Resolution by Orrin Woodward and books like How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.   I started to learn principles that I applied in my career, relationships and finances and they produced positive results almost immediately.  This raised some questions in my mind:  

  • How could someone spend this many years being educated and never learn these things?  
  • How could I have been so blind to the thinking of successful people around me for so long and yet live in the delusional state that I was seeking answers in life?  
  • Where in the world did this information come from?  

I asked some of the people who were helping along the way where they learned the information they were sharing with me?  They said that most of it came from books that they were reading.   I am eternally grateful that they had the courage to continue by stating that all truth really comes from one book.  I say it took courage on their part because the Lord knows I had very vocally stated my lack of faith in anything except myself at the time.  The positive results this information was producing in my life allowed me to mentally prop open and peek through this door that I had previously slammed shut, and the pleasant surprise that awaited me was a Savior.  I cannot explain the joy I began to feel.  The peace that I didn’t know why I was born, but that I was created with a purpose and it was worth going the through a lifelong journey to unearth and fulfill it.  The excitement that comes from your soul when you strum the chords of those areas that He strung through your heart.  I look around in awe of every little detail that has been laid out, some may look bleak from our perspective, but when you know it’s all part of a grand plan for salvation, even those times have a different meaning.  

So I find myself in this place where I am so blessed and know that the information that has now become the LIFE business is what turned me from a path of feeling something more was there to knowing something is there and what it is.  I cannot keep myself from sharing about this with others, because I know what it has done in our lives.  I came to this looking first to prove it wasn’t good, then to use it to get what I wanted from it financially, and found what I’d really been looking for all along:  purpose.  

I cannot say that I have totally discovered the why I was born yet, but I do know that we are taking responsibility to study truthful information and apply it into our lives: working like it depends on us and praying like it depends on God in an effort to discover and fulfill that purpose.  Will you?


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3 responses to “Purpose in Life

  1. Thanks for sharing your testimony…you’re making a difference!

  2. Thanks for the great post Jammie! I have asked myself many of those same questions. Thank you for your leadership.
    Enjoy the journey!
    Steve Leurquin

  3. Lori Platt

    Excited to be reading your blog, Richard & Jammie,

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