Excellence Can Always Be More Excellent

I stole the title from a recording by Chris Brady, best-selling author and one of the founders of the LIFE business.  It caught my attention immediately because it screams so loudly in the face of what is taught and revered in our culture today.  It seems that to go above and beyond in ones own life is looked down upon as if it is being done with the heart that says “I’m better than you”.  When I look at so many leaders around me whether in my church, my professional associations or the LIFE/Team community I hear and feel the heart that says “I know that I was created with a purpose and how dare I return the gift that it is unopened because I was unwilling to do the work to develop it.”

I almost slipped totally into the rut of living life based 100% on how I felt and how others felt about me.  It is still a battle I fight to a degree because acceptance is something that we all, as humans, seek.  What I am learning through mentorship with the Dan and Lisa Hawkins, and many books I have read is that how I feel is less important than what is right and being comfortable is the biggest obstacle standing between me and developing myself into the person necessary to carry out the purpose I was designed for.  It sounds so cliché, but it is true:  success is not a destination, but a journey.  It is who you become through the process, along with the completion of the mission that resounds in the echoes of history.

As we near the end of January 2012, I am thinking of the things that I have resolved to work on this year. I am on that journey working to apply the principles of The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson,  The 12 Week Year by Brian Moran and Orrin Woodward’s Resolved so that my echo can be the one I was designed for.  Not yielding to ease, comfort and feelings of victory through others, but pursuing the journey despite adversaries, hard work and fears to create a victory for ourselves, our community and hopefully country.

It is my hope that as the LIFE/Team community grows, that this quest for each to find and pursue his or her unique purpose becomes what is revered.  The more I read I find it is this thinking that made our country, its success and history so rich.  I feel this is worthy of my life’s effort, and am excited to meet others along the way who feel the same.  As we unite, resolving to grow ourselves, we fulfill our piece of the puzzle, and as those pieces fall into place we create a culture of excellence in every area becoming more excellent by the minute.

God bless you on your journey and I hope your path goes through Columbus, Ohio this weekend!


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2 responses to “Excellence Can Always Be More Excellent

  1. Chris Fisher

    Jammie & Richard I want to tell you how much you inspire me. I have watched you both become amazing people. Your personal growth shines through. See you soon.

  2. How true. One of your middle paragraphs somewhere between the first sentence and the last sentence 🙂 you mentioned how you lived your life on how other people felt about you. Isn’t it something how we can let that ruin a life. Thanks for breaking the mold.
    Steve Leurquin

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