Fisher’s LIFE Subscription Top Ten – January 2012

This will be the first or our top 10 quotes, nuggets or purely entertaining statements from the LIFE monthly subscriptions.  We truly enjoy listening and working to apply what we are learning, not to mention spreading the word and sharing these products with people who could benefit from them.
  1. I will not sit by and let them take our freedoms.  I can’t.  It’s wrong!
  2. If you are beating yourself up for a lack of perfection – stop it!  Don’t worry you’ll never be perfect.
  3. If you’re negotiating constantly the terms of success, you’re never going to be successful.
  4. Welcome to the gun show.
  5. Be careful of your TV, not only could it make you dumber, but it could injure you.
  6. Commit to do what’s right, regardless of the loss or the pain.
  7. Truth lies wounded in the alley, while injustice sits on the throne.
  8. When your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.
  9. It takes 10,000 hours to be excellent in any field.
  10. You either hate loosing bad enough to change or you hate changing bad enough to lose.

Three questions for you:

  • Do you have a LIFE subscription?
  • What are your favorite quotes, statements or ideas from the January subscription?
  • Who could you lend this information to and it have a positive impact in their life?


God Bless,

Richard and Jammie


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7 responses to “Fisher’s LIFE Subscription Top Ten – January 2012

  1. I like it! What a great idea of a top 10. I’m kind of ticked I didn’t think of it!

    1. Yes
    2. What would you do if you new you would not fail? Maxwell book.
    3. I can only think of one person I wouldn’t give this information to!

  2. What a great blog feature to leave the reader wanting more from some great products!!

  3. Dan Hawkins

    Great blog post Jammie! You are not only a great oral communicator but I can see you are in written form as well. What a blessing this blog is going to be for so many people looking for nuggets in life! Love you lots! Lisa

  4. Awesome Jammie! The subscriptions are such an incredible tool to change a life! Heard you rocked Kenosha last night! Thanks for serving 🙂

  5. Lori Platt

    Awesome post!
    * Make it our mission to find the good in people.
    * Our nation was founded on moral absolutes.
    * Fight against living a life of mediocrity.
    * Will you nail your colors to the mast?

  6. Kevin Hamm

    Great Post,

    This should be a monthly post. What a great way to encourage participation by posting yours. In time, we may actually take notes from the materials to post our quotes here. That would be influence. I heard the concept somewhere. Glad to be on your Team. And great writing as well.

    Kevin Hamm

  7. Jeff Stockhausen

    HI Richard & Jammie,

    I love the comment on the tv #5. I went a year without one, bought one a few months ago and had to sell it before it was to late, I could sense the dummer I were gettin.
    You guys are awesome!

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