One of the most powerful things in life is utilizing the perspective of a mentor.  
Things can be looking great,
but when we get some time with our mentors: it’s lights out! and lights on!  all at once.

 (thanks to Solarsanction Photostream for the wonderful photo)

Wow, there’s just no comparison to the results you can get with the help of someone who has been down the path in front of you, or over the bridge for the sake of this illustration.  It’s priceless.  
Some folks are able to find a mentor in life on their own, I didn’t.  Others utilize the rapidly growing life coaching industry and are able to pay for some outside perspective, but it often is from someone who hasn’t walked the same path or has maybe never even seen a bridge, much less the one you are trying to travel on.  For me, I was unwilling to invest the type of money it cost to have a qualified life coach in my previous career in education.  I am honored to have mentors, Dan and Lisa Hawkins, in our life today.  It may be the most under-promoted, underutilized piece of the LIFE Team system (and it’s free!).  We are thankful to have them and to have learned the value of seeking an outside perspective.  Sometimes what we see looks good and clear or we are on track, but with their perspective (like the difference in the views above) we can dial-up the speed and significance of the results and see what we saw before from a whole new vantage point.  Wherever you are at and in whatever you seek to do, find those who have gone before you, have the results you want and a vested interest in helping you get those same results and humble yourself to a mentor.  It is an illuminating experience!


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7 responses to “Perspective

  1. You’re right about mentoring being underutilized…sometimes ignored. Great post!

  2. Great perspective! I like the visual!

  3. Kevin Hamm

    Great Post Jammie!

    Mentor-ship in the LIFE community starts with hunger and activity. It is so underutilized because in some respects it is harder to earn mentor-ship than buy mentor-ship. But when we have invested effort and sacrificed comfort to earn time with someone with greater results within our same endeavor, the effectiveness is multiplied. If we just listen and read everything we can from those we seek mentor-ship from we will learn everything we need to DO to earn that mentor-ship. Go-getter is certainly the first step. Thanks for the great example you guys are setting. By the way, the redwoods are not that far from that bridge. 🙂 Just in case you’re interested.

    KevIn Hamm

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