Life Compensation Plan

We cannot overstate our excitement and anticipation for the details in this article and further details to come on April 27-29!

1. Check this out:  Life Compensation Plan from Chris Brady.

2.  Secure your ticket and make plans to be there.

3.  Invite others who wish to grow themselves, help others find materials to do the same and profit in the process.

Richard and Jammie


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4 responses to “Life Compensation Plan

  1. Kevin Hamm

    And I have to do a house plan tomorrow,,hmm I wonder if this is relevant? 🙂 Good looking out Jammie. Let’s rock!

    Kevin Hamm

  2. John and Penny Graff

    Compensated communities – need we say mo! Thank you both for coming to Janesville last night to impart to the group the importance of this major. We love you guys, we hope you truly know that.
    Love, J n P

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