UFC and MMA – How About MFC?

In the field of MMA and UFC there is a term called fight camp.  It’s an intense period of sustained training, usually carried out over eight to ten weeks before a scheduled bout.  It’s during this camp when trainers and partners help prepare a competitor for an upcoming bout.

The movie Warrior captures the intense determination it takes to compete in this field, along with an inspiring story of a family through the dream, struggle and victory. We had the chance to see this movie and I appreciated the many parallels one can draw from it to life.

For many, though, our only way to participate in sports at the professional level, is as an onlooker to someone else’s dream, struggle and victory experience.  In his most recent book, Resolved, Orrin Woodward so clearly lays out how to define and refine your purpose.  Then . . . fight camp!  MFC (mental fitness challenge) is the latest program in the LIFE community.  It offers an intense period of sustained training carried out over 13 weeks including audio and visual training, accountability partners, 360 degree feedback and much more.  The intention is that people are able to afford to tap into the knowledge base that propelled Woodward and many of his business partners to top levels of leadership and success in many areas of life.  Then that information is applied directly to the goal in whatever area, arena or vocation one chooses.  Check out the details from Orrin and co-founder of LIFE, Chris Brady.  If you are intrigued, don’t miss the chance to hear the rest of the program details live this weekend in Columbus, Ohio.

It is inspiring to think about the changes in the lives of people as goals are set, training is completed and people step in to the ring in passionate pursuit of their goals and ultimately their purpose.

Review the program, get started with your training and in no time it’ll be round one as you begin the fight for the life you’ve always wanted!


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5 responses to “UFC and MMA – How About MFC?

  1. Thanks Jammie for a great post. The world will forward to what will be released this weekend.

  2. Lori

    Thanks for your leadership Richard & Jammie.

  3. Fight camp – I love it! Are you saying I have to fight for the life I’ve always wanted? I thought maybe someone was just gonna hand it to me….

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