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For Fun: The Guy Version of The Stranger’s Sketch

Check this out and her ladies post prior to get the whole picture. I found it both informative and beyond funny. You are better than you think you are, well, at the least the ladies. 🙂

Have a Blessed Day!


Letters to Lindsey

Dear Lindsey,

Did you see my post yesterday? You will not understand today’s post unless you saw yesterday’s so I encourage you to read it first here: The Stranger’s Sketch.

And then have fun analyzing the humor in someone’s parody of the same video “from a guy’s perspective” here:

The funny part of the video (the fact that some people see themselves as,… well, uh, perfect) does not have to be gender specific to men. (Although, the video-maker entitled it “guy’s perspective.”) There are different versions of self-portraits in both genders.

The overall point remains the same: it is not self-esteem, but God-esteem that matters in the bigger picture called life.

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In fun,

Terri Brady


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LIFE’s Meritocracy – How to End the Middle Class Squeeze

Please check out the follow up to the previous two posts that I shared from Orrin Woodward’s Blog.  This is essential for us to all learn and embrace, from my vantage point.  I just received a list of alumni classes being offered from the college I attended and one of the classes speaks directly to this need.  People are starting to wake up to the reality of where we are at and that it’s going to take something different to get where our country needs to go for freedom to return.

LIFE’s Meritocracy – How to End the Middle Class Squeeze.

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Wow, part two. This is amazing.

Orrin Woodward LIFE Leadership Team

In 2011, reporter Stephen Marche pinpointed the painful paradigm of today’s static classes:

There are some truths so hard to face, so ugly and so at odds with how we imagine the world should be, that nobody can accept them. Here’s one: It is obvious that a class system has arrived in America — a recent study of the thirty-four countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development found that only Italy and Great Britain have less social mobility. But nobody wants to admit: If your daddy was rich, you’re gonna stay rich, and if your daddy was poor, you’re gonna stay poor. Every instinct in the American gut, every institution, every national symbol, runs on the idea that anybody can make it; the only limits are your own limits. Which is an amazing idea, a gift to the world — just no longer true. Culturally, and in their…

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This is part one of a blog that Orrin Woodward wrote. I believe it is the beginning of the biggest movement we may see in our lifetime. Inform yourself with what he lays out here, and find out what part you can play in the restoration of our nation.

Orrin Woodward LIFE Leadership Team

Meritocracy and the Middle Class Squeeze

When I was a young, growing up in Columbiaville, Michigan, I loved watching sports. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat taught me so many lessons that I applied to life. In fact, I believe the lessons I learned from watching, playing, and modeling my favorite athletes helped form who I am today. Furthermore, because of my sports heroes, I became an avid reader of sports biographies, learning many of their secrets to success.

I had no idea how instrumental the hundreds of books read of my sports heroes would affect me. In truth, it wasn’t until I began teaching leadership for a profession that I realized what an impact my early reading had on my life. The numerous stories of young men who dreamed, struggled, and persevered until they had their victory, taught me that anything is possible in life if…

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Fisher’s LIFE Subscription Top Ten – January 2012

This will be the first or our top 10 quotes, nuggets or purely entertaining statements from the LIFE monthly subscriptions.  We truly enjoy listening and working to apply what we are learning, not to mention spreading the word and sharing these products with people who could benefit from them.
  1. I will not sit by and let them take our freedoms.  I can’t.  It’s wrong!
  2. If you are beating yourself up for a lack of perfection – stop it!  Don’t worry you’ll never be perfect.
  3. If you’re negotiating constantly the terms of success, you’re never going to be successful.
  4. Welcome to the gun show.
  5. Be careful of your TV, not only could it make you dumber, but it could injure you.
  6. Commit to do what’s right, regardless of the loss or the pain.
  7. Truth lies wounded in the alley, while injustice sits on the throne.
  8. When your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.
  9. It takes 10,000 hours to be excellent in any field.
  10. You either hate loosing bad enough to change or you hate changing bad enough to lose.

Three questions for you:

  • Do you have a LIFE subscription?
  • What are your favorite quotes, statements or ideas from the January subscription?
  • Who could you lend this information to and it have a positive impact in their life?


God Bless,

Richard and Jammie


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